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Donald Trump videos. Full length documentaries and short clips of The Donald on the campaign trail plus much, much more.


The Selling Of Vince D’Angelo

In 1982 Danny DeVito directed and starred in this prescient political parable about a loud-mouthed, egotistical New Jersey concrete mogul who decides to make an independent run for Senator because he feels “Jersey is goingContinue reading


Donald Trump Megyn Kelly Interview Parody

The other Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly Interview. Breaking tonight. I’ve got something special for you. It’s gonna be great for the ratings. In fact, let’s get that meter up now. That’s right folks, liveContinue reading


The Making Of Donald Trump – History Documentary

He’s confident, he’s outspoken. Some say he is not presidential material. Others are ready to elect him. Whether he is seen as the second coming of Ronald Reagan or just a pitch man building hisContinue reading


Donald Trump: All-American Billionaire Documentary

Donald Trump: All-American Billionaire. Documentary, 2010. Welcome to the world of Donald Trump. Trump has made himself a multi-billionaire and he never stops flaunting what he’s got. But behind the image is the toughness ofContinue reading